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 Economy Displays under $100 (minimum order - 100 units)

Economy Displays under $100
Current economic downturn hasn't diminished the need for attractive and innovative displays, but it has cut into merchandising budgets of producers, importers and distributors. These financial constraints have resulted in many requests for low cost, quick turnaround floor displays which would hold 3 to 4 cases of product and cost up to $100.

In response Flair Display has introduced a selection of outstanding designs with the primary focus on savings. Each model can be customized with graphics and finishes to match your brand and integrate with your marketing campaign. All parts and components are arranged in an elegant fashion that makes each display visually impactful, yet efficient and functional. These displays have been engineered to maximize value and properties of materials for strength and durability. Finally, all the production issues have been ironed out, manufacturing techniques streamlined and our workers have gained the necessary experience.

At Flair Display we're in control of quality, cost and speed, so you can be in control of your success.

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Plywood 3 Case Wine Rack
3-Case Wire Wine
Rack - Powder Coated
3 Case Plywood Rack
3-Case Plywood Wine
4-Case Plywood Rack
4-Case Plywood Rack
3 Bin Wood Wine Rack
3-Case Wire Wine
Rack - Sheet Metal
Header Panel
Folding Wire Rack for 6-Packs
Folding Wire Rack -
for 6-Packs
2 Case Wine Rack
2-Case Wine Rack
Folding Wire Wine Rack
Folding Wire Wine
No Formaldehyde MDF - 3 case Wine Rack
3-Case Wine Rack
3 Bin Wood Wine Rack
3-Case Wine Rack -  
Panel Construction &

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