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Increasingly our clients are requesting us to address various environmental issues. Here are some of the solutions that we provide:



Reducing the volume of discarded displays due to breakage.

Durability and longevity through clever design, value engineering, quality materials and assembly.

Protecting interior air quality from release of toxic chemicals in conventional materials.

Use formaldehyde-free particle board and MDF panels.

Eliminating Volatile Organic Compounds release into the atmosphere.

Use of raw MDF panels without coated or laminated surfaces.


Use materials with high recycled content and materials that can be recycled again.


Introduction of bamboo components, straw panels and wood certified by Forest Stewardship Council.


3 Bin Wood Wine Rack
3 Case Wine Rack -  
Panel Construction &
Eco Friendly Floor Display
No formaldehyde MDF
Floor Display
No Formaldehyde MDF - 3 case Wine Rack
3-Case Wine Rack
Plywood 3 case Wine Rack
Welded & Powder Coated Wire
3 Case Wine Rack

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